Monday, May 07, 2007

I'm having a dilemma.

Recently, I told Kerrie that my goal for the summer was to avoid chain-restaurants at all costs. Ambitious? Sure. Earnest? You betcha. Utterly fucking stupid? Yeeeeaaahhh. That sounds more like it.

I realized, quite quickly, what I would be giving up. And almost immediately I started coming up with rules. Like: Coffee doesn't count. Yeah, don't even TRY and mess with my caffeine intake; It's not cool. And what about local chains? Like Larosa's Pizza or Graeters Ice Cream? Nuh-uh. I'll be stick with my favorite pizza thank you very much.

But it got worse. I started thinking about some bigger chains too. Like Sonic. I love Sonic. Sonic was MADE for the summer months. (Well, it was for those of us NOT in California...) And Cinnabon! I love Cinnamon Rolls, and Cinnabon is a classic.

So as you see, I backed myself into a corner. It sounded intense and brilliant when I said it but it was really just one of those "cool" trendy-BG-art-student statements that I should have kept to myself. Or, better yet, I never should have come up with it in the first place.


Kristy said...

It's OK to want quality food that's above the mediocre chili's applebees red lobster olive garden cut. It's OK and it doesn't automatically turn you into a basket-weavin', angled picture of your feet takin', vegan only eatin', mad because their favorite drunk-ass sculptor came into town and kicked the bucket at the days inn, hemp bag carryin' nutcase. Although, the downside is that not going to a chain doesn't always mean good quality and you're not guaranteed to find margaritas as big as your head. Regardless, it's a noble goal and one that may not be easy to accomplish in suburban Ohio. Best of luck to you.

Anonymous said...

Eating bad food is wrong. I do it way too often, in the name of "I'm too damned busy to take the time to make good food myself, or hunt down the places that serve good food."

Bad food is not always found in chain restaurants.
Good food is not always found in non-chain restaurants.
Food is not dictated by labels, it's dictated by, well FOOD.

Perhaps your somewhat hastily-made proposition actually meant to say, "I want to avoid eating crappy-eating-food-just-because-it's-convenient chain restaurants this summer."

And that is a goal I can support, wholeheartedly.