Sunday, March 26, 2006

Looking back it was easy...

Another week, another few dollars...

I decided, recently, to discard my idea for making a "Kit-Kat" dessert. Instead, I plan to make a "Take 5" style frozen dish. Essentially, it will break down like this:

1.) Crushed Pretzels
2.) Peanut Butter Ice Cream
3.) Peanuts
4.) Caramel Sauce
5.) Frozen Chocolate Mousse

Today I put together the base for my Peanut Butter Ice Cream and tomorrow I'll make the mousse and freeze the ice cream. Should be good...

I'm also going to make Peach Clafoutis this week. For those who don't know, I'm a big fan of peaches. I really like making my own peach cobbler, and whenever I make Sangria I always try to slip one in. Anyways, this is a dessert that is traditionally made with cherries. I'm not big on cherries, and I'm less fond of pitting the little fuckers so...

Jungle Jim's is now carrying a great new wine that Kerrie and I are becoming very fond of. (Baxter, are you paying attention?) The wines are by Lost Vineyards of the World and they really are pretty good. Good for those of us who like value, and enjoy a good "table wine" to go with a meal. Kristy and Tom, I'm sure, can appreciate a wine like this because it's a lot like the 2-Buck-Chuck but a bit better tasting. At $2.99 a bottle, this stuff is a steal. My personal choice right now is the Argentina Red Table Wine. Check it...

London Broil was on sale this week, so I'm excited about making that except I think I left my broiler pan in BG. Nevertheless, a nice LB with a rosemary demi-glace and some roasted root veggies will be a nice treat this week. Word...

Till later: Eat sumptin, drink sumptin, get rich...

Groove Armada - Easy
BT - Believer
Jim Carrol Band - People Who Died
Misfits - Saturday Night
Jungle Brothers - Brain (Natural Born Chillers Remix)

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

The Big Wheel... Keeps on turning...

I had a crappy day today. Everyone I work with is either a junkie convict or a retard or both... I now find it so obvious as to why the last guy that had my job was a complete drunk.

But the day is done, and the work week is half-over...

Tonight I made a nice 4-cheese pizza with a Basil, Pepper and White Truffle crust. Later I had this great idea for a frozen style dessert. As crazy as it sounds, I really wanted a Kit Kat earlier and came up with this concept. It would\will be three layers with chocolate mousse, something crunchy. We'll see...

Massive Attack - Hymn of the Big Wheel
Dido - Here With Me (Chillin' Mix)
Royksopp - Eple
Bent - Swollen

Saturday, March 04, 2006

You got me sick as a dog...

Foodborne Illnesses suck.

I know, because I just spent the last 48 hours in the most miserable pain known to man. Simply put, I made a nice pan roasted chicken for dinner Thursday night and within an hour of eating - it had all come back up.

As I think back to all the events of the day, I've pegged a few variables down that might have contributed to my sickness. Nonetheless, I'm convinced it was the chicken...

For starters,I had to run up to the Day Care center with food for the brats. Those little mutants ALWAYS have some sort of sickness rolling around.

Next, the burger and fries I ate for lunch was slightly suspect. At least in retrospect they were. As I was vomiting uncontrollably Thursday night I noticed many chunks of undigested French Fries.

Finally, there was the chicken. Fryer Quarters, thawed in the refridgerator and roasted for an hour and a half. I must have washed my hands 10 or 15 times while I was working on the meal, but it only takes one time to screw things up.

I've had this once before, as I'm sure Troy might recall, and this felt exactly the same. The give away, in my opinion, is the repeated vomiting even after your system has been entirely cleaned out. (About once an hour...)

So yeah. The last few days have sucked. Today I had eggs and toast and managed to keep it all down, and last night Kerrie made me some soup that stuck with me, so I'm on the mend. Unfortunately, I'm still extremely tired and very sore from all the heaving. (sigh) Food Baddies can't win 'em all, eh?

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Leave my curl alone...

Yesterday I made Fajita Steak Salads for dinner.

Nothing fancy, really. A bed of chopped Romain and Cilantro on a lightly warmed tortilla with a marinated flat iron steak. Simple.

What struck me as really amazing was the taste of the steak. The steak was perfect. For anyone who's ever been to El Zarrape in Bowling Green, or Acapulco here in Cinci, the taste was damned near dead-on for their fajitas. The weird part of all of this was that I was looking for a good -(ahem) SIMPLE- marinade recipe for these two steaks I had and just happened to stumble across it in a side-bar on some web page. Trust me on this folks, you can NOT go wrong with this recipe.


Lime Marinade for Fajitas
1/4 Cup Lime Juice
1 T Soy Sauce
1 T Molasses
1 T Chopped Cilantro Leaves
2 Cloves Minced Garlic
1/2 t Cumin
1/2 t Chili Powder
1/2 t Black Pepper
1 t Salt

Hi-C - Leave my Curl Alone
Prodigy - Baby's got a Temper
P.O.D. - BOOM (Crystal Method Remix)
Cast Recording - So Long and Thanks for all the fish (Hitchhikers Guide)
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