Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I'd like to start by saying that this weekend was NOT a leisurely trip up north for the fun of it.

The truth of it all was that Kerrie's dad had a mild heart-attack and we (Kerrie, her sister and I) packed up and headed to Cleveland.

Her dad was being held at the Cleveland Clinic which, as you may or may not know, is within spitting distance of Little Italy. So on Saturday, while they were transferring Kerrie's dad out of the ICU to a regular room, the three of us drove over to Little Italy for lunch. Ah Little Italy... One of the few places in this world that continually entices me with it's treasures.

To start, Kerrie, Sue and I drove down one of the side-streets and walked up to Corbo's Bakery. Whenever I make the trek to Little Italy, I must get a batch of Corbo's Lemon Biscotti cookies. There is truly nothing like them. I have had success making my own before, but like all things we try to mimic - It was never the same.

Once, during a trip to Little Italy, I missed my window to get these ethereal cookies and just about went on a killing spree. yeah, they're THAT good.

After I made my mandatory stop at Corbo's, the three of us went to Mama Santa's for Pizza. Their Pizza, I will say with no remorse, is my favorite of anywhere I've ever been. The sauce is slightly sweet with the perfect tang, and the dough is crispy without being "thin". Mama Santa's never fails to please.

After our meal, which was (and always is) incredibly cheap, we walked down the street to One of the greatest bakeries on Earth: Presti's.

Truth be told, I've had full-on daydream\fantasies about working at Presti's, toiling away making all the amazing desserts, pastries, and breads they offer. Yeah, Presti's can actually get me to daydream about WANTING to work.

I enjoyed a perfectly frothy cappuccino and a chocolate covered canoli while Kerrie and her Sister split an amazing Cappuccino Cream Brownie.

The only bad thing about going to Little Italy is knowing that eventually you will have to leave. Eventually, we had to leave...

Kerrie and her sister seemed to enjoy their trip immensely, and we barely scratched the surface of what Little Italy has to offer. All the amazing restaurants and shops and, at some magical point in the summer, street festivals continually draw me in and I'm glad I got to share it with them. Now I'm not that crazy guy who rants about that neighborhood in Cleveland...

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Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for sharing Little Italy with us!!! It was AWESOME!!! I've enticed Greg to want to visit the next time we venture North...I'm finding myself craving that pizza....