Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Things, right now, are CRAY... wait for it... Z!

Kerrie and I are in holiday mode making gift boxes, work is just nuts, and the days just keep slipping away.

Fortunately, I found another Cincy gem by the name of The College Hills Coffee Company. My boss (whom I now refer to as DinnerRoll) and I went there for lunch a while back, and I recently took Kerrie there for breakfast.

As you can probably guess, everything was amazing. I tend to gush about coffeehouses, but this one really has made a good impression. The look, feel, food, and coffee are all excellent and -thank Budda- it's in a decent neighborhood.

I started with a classic Cafe Au Lait and Kerrie had a Gingerbread Spice Latte. Recently, I've been getting back into a lot of the coffees I used to love and drink all the time. Like the Cafe Au Lait... So simple in design but perfectly full flavored.

Kerrie and I each had a Sweet Cream Waffle with Maple Syrup. Waffles are a deal breaker for me. Waffles should be fluffy on the inside, and nicely crisped on the outside. I hate crappy waffles. Thankfully, the waffles seen above were borderline ethereal. They were magical. They were fuckin' awesome...

We chose a window seat while we were there and it gave me warm and fuzzy Cosmos-esque feeling from way back before Jeb, Baxter and I declared war on the powers-that-were.

Creepy, huh?

All things considered, The College Hill Coffee Company is an excellent morning stop. Kerrie and I have yet to go up there in the evening, but the vibe is hip, the food is good, and the coffee is down-right great. Yeah...

College Hill Coffee Company
6128 Hamilton Ave # 1
Cincinnati, OH 45224


Dink - Green Mind
Iggy & The Stooges - No Fun
The Crystal Method - Busy Child
L.L. Cool J - Going Back to Cali