Saturday, September 23, 2006

I only had a Corona...

Today, Kerrie and I saw Jackass: Number 2. A lively film, one which made me laugh and laugh and, well, cringe. Something about a guy dressing his crank up like a field mouse so as to get a snake to lunge at it was very funny, yet obviously unsettling...

When we got home, I had plans for a quick dinner. Quick being that I had all my prep squared away and made a little line for myself. With less and less time available to me per day, every meal I make at home is organized and prepared as if I were still at work.

Petite Flat Iron Steaks & Bourbon Glazed Ribs with Green Beans and French Fries

First I got a my raw materials together, then put on two pots of boiling water.
In the large pot I simmered the ribs for a time of roughly 30 minutes.
In the smaller pot, I blanched on some raw, cut potatoes for about 7 minutes or so. I drained them and let them rest for until my grilled items were finished.
While the potatoes were resting I blanched some green beans for about 5 minutes, then shocked them in cold water.
When the ribs were done, I set them on a sheet tray I had lined with partchment paper. I rinsed, then seasoned my Flat Irons, and took them all out to the grill. Before I went out to the grill, I started heating the oil in another pot.
I glazed the ribs with a bourbon sauce (Minor's brand to tell the truth) and put them on the rack, then I slapped down the Flat Irons and cooked everything evenly. (I like my steaks medium rare)
I went back in and set a small pan with some olive oil on the stove and began heating that.
When the steaks and ribs were done (Steaks = Marked, Ribs = Crispy) I set them back on the sheet tray (Now without lining) and put them in the oven, which I had set at 200F.
I threw my potatoes into the heated oil and my green beans into the pan with a little kosher salt and some lemon juice.
When the fries were done I drained them, then sprinkled them with some kosher salt and black pepper.
Last thing to do was dress the plate with all the items listed and pour some red table wine.
The whole thing took just about 45 minutes.

Minutemen - Corona
John Williams - Imperial March (Mambo Version)
Medeski, Martin, & Wood - Uninvisible

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