Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Right Here, Right Now...

Last night I made Linguini with a Marinara and Meat Balls. I love the simplicity of Italian cooking. It's relatively easy, yet it comes out with a generally rich and defined flavor. The recipe for the meat balls, and I love telling people this, I got from Henry Hill's cookbook. For those of you from Lakota, Henry Hill was the center of the story Wiseguy which, in turn, became the movie Goodfellas.

Monday I made a quick dinner of Grilled Balsamic Mustard Pork with Baby Carrots over Mixed Greens. It turned out very nice, suprisingly enough. I'm finding I cook much quicker in my new kitchen with less space than my previous "full" sized kitchen. Weird, huh?

Speaking of the old kitchen, I have some interesting photos of some of my past culinary delights...

Grilled Endive with Prosciutto and Saffron Linguini, White Truffle Olive Oil and Balsamic Glaze

Butterflied Pork Loin with Baby Greens, Citrus Peel Confit and Rosemary Raspberry Sauce

Flat Iron Medallions with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes and Rosemary Demi Glace

All in all, decent presentation and great flavor combinations. And it tasted good too...

This weekend I'm going to brine some chicken thighs for grilling and I have a nice two-pound skirt steak I'm going to use for fajitas. (Insert Family Guy references here)

Today I'm listening to my own rendition of the music from Metroid and DJ Spooky's Under The Influence. Good Food, Good Music, No Dickle.


Kristy said...

Mmmm... Gangster food... mmmm..

I'm glad to hear Cinci is treating you two well! Have you found your cafe-felix-esque place to work? Best of luck!

BGslum said...

I have yet to spot any Felix-esque places, but I did notice a nifty looking Tapas joint up on Ludlow. Too far away to work at, but surely on the schedual for a night out. :-D