Sunday, May 17, 2009

Smithers... Give him THE PLAGUE!

A lot happened this week, making life a little bit frantic. Nonetheless, Kerrie and I moved further ahead in our planning the wedding and got some serious work done.

I helped with two very large caterings this week, which kept me at work later than normal. I also found out that the "people" I wanted to bake the wedding cake are unavailable for our October date. This lead to various schemes, which resulted in a big ole "fuck it!" and the declaration that I will take care of the cake myself.

Let's face it folks. I've said that I would rather not be catering my own reception, but I know that the only way it will get done right is if I'm the one doing it.

The rest of the week disappeared in a blur of work and running and shopping for detail items and finally just coming home to relax. For all the chaos, the weekend produced some excellent results. In all actuality, some things just turned out better than our original ideas. Sometimes things work out better when "the plan" just goes all to hell.


Friday, after work, Kerrie and I went to BJ's Brewhouse for dinner. I enjoyed a PM Porter and Kerrie had the Nutty Brunette, a brown ale. One thing I noticed was the amazing aroma of Butter and Milk Chocolate coming from my porter. I was thoroughly impressed with life from that point on, seeing as my pallet is finally coming around to the wonders of Stouts and Porters...

Kerrie's parents were in a few weeks ago, and of course I wanted to do something special for dinner and dessert. One dish I love to make is Balsamic Glazed Chicken. You generally can not go wrong with a dish that rich. The dessert, however, was well received but not quite right in my estimation.

I made Chocolate Bouchons. After finding the right kind of pan to make these little angels, I searched online for Thomas Keller's fabled recipe. The recipe is well published, but if you look a little closer you'll see that there is some force working against these things in some form or another. Some people complain of them being too salty, while I found them to be too buttery. Actually, I found them to be greasy. There are various forums providing answers to the salt/sugar issue (a misprinted recipe?) but I felt that the texture issue was a wholly unique one to my own baking. Of course, I've never been to Napa either. Maybe Keller's pastry chef makes them exactly like this, so who knows? I think a second try may be in order will a few minor adjustments. We'll see...


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