Thursday, December 06, 2007

Everybody knows...

Yesterday was the first official snow fall of the 2007 Fall\Winter season.

I have now come to grips with the fact that I DO actually like the winter weather. That's saying a lot seeing as I LOVE San Diego and Las Vegas. But being a chef, or a cook, or whatever the hell it is that is fashionable to call us now-a-days, has made it's impression on my soul. I've come to love the winter months and all the cooking possibilities that come with them. Just like Darth Vader, It's too late for me...

The thing about Spring/Summer vs Fall/Winter is that, naturally, cooking habits change. The Summer is for grilling and spicy Southern dishes and drinking Tequila in the stifling heat. But the Winter... The Winter is a perfect excuse to cook heavy stews and soups, get a fire roaring in the fireplace, listen to some Leonard Cohen and drink Scotch Whiskey in the frigid cold.

Yesterday was that day... Sort of.

I came home to a catastrophic computer failure of unknown origins. (mup.sys?!? WTF!!!) Thankfully Kerrie and I have a pretty good backup plan so it was basically just a routine re-install of the OS and hardware and all was well. It would have been better if I could have had that evening in front of the fireplace drinking Scotch but duty called...

Nonetheless, Kerrie and I still had to eat. And dinner was exactly how I had imagined it would be: Jack Daniels Chicken Soup with Grilled Cheese

1 lb. Boneless Chicken Thighs, cut into bite size portions
Olive Oil, 1-3 Tabelspoons
1 Medium Onion, chopped
2 Ribs Celery, diced
20 Baby Carrots, sliced in half and chopped
Jack Daniels
6 Cups Water
Salt & Pepper to Taste
Fresh Chopped Parsley

Heat olive oil in a stock pot.
When hot, add the Onion, Celery, and Baby Carrots. Cook until soft and starting to brown. (You want to brown them, NOT burn them...)
Deglaze pot with Jack Daniels and allow to come to a boil and reduce by 3/4. (How much you add is up to you, but make sure you reduce it down. I did about 1 Cup and a little extra for good measure.)
When Whiskey has reduced, add the water and bring to a simmer.
Add the chicken and keep at a simmer for about 1 hour.
Finish with Salt and Pepper and top with fresh chopped Parsley.


Leonard Cohen
- Everybody Knows
- I'm your man
- Anthem
- Waiting for the Miracle

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