Saturday, November 24, 2007

We are free and fairly sober with so many toys to build...

Ah, the aftermath of Thanksgiving.

That one time of year when it's all about the food. And not just any food, mind you... Turkey: That once-a-year staple of just about any every household across the U.S.

I personally love the Thanksgiving meal. Various meats and my brother and I laughing at various family members after taking innocent comments completely out of context. My mom goes all-out with a full spread every year, and every year we (like just about everyone else) spend days trying to work through all the leftovers.

Thanksgiving, however, is the point-of-no-return. It's the start of the Catering-Shopping-Holiday Gauntlet for me. Everything gets nice and crazy, I get tired and grumpy, and come January 2'nd I try, desperately, to not talk to anyone.

Oh yeah, I'm a sweetheart.

Nonetheless, it IS all about the food for me and here is a simple representation of it all.

Turkey Drumstick, Baby Lamb Chops, & Focaccia Bread

At this point I'm glad to be home and getting a little rest before heading back to work. All in all, it's a good run to make, but I thank God that it only happenes once a year.

Best Quote for the Whole Week:
"If it weren't for us, the Indians wouldn't have all of those Casinos..."
- Jack

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