Monday, July 23, 2007

Recently, I've noticed a return of the classic but seldom used "lollipop" technique in popular cooking. In the last issue of Restaurant Management magazine there was a very prominent display of various lollipop interpretations, and a few weeks ago my mom even referred to the baby lamb chops I love so much as lollipops.

So yeah, it's making a comeback...

The technique used in the process of making a lolli is the classic but seldom seen Frenching method. Traditionally used on rib roasts and chops, it's actually a fairly simple task of scraping the meat away from the bone to leave a lovely amount of exposed Osseous tissue. As you can tell from the picture above, this basic procedure can be used on just about any piece of meat; that is if you're looking to get a little creative and non-traditional. (In some circles it is blasphemous to even THINK of using this technique on chicken. To quote John Travolta: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke...")

The picture above is of Bourbon Chicken Lollipops with Seasoned Shoestring French Fries and a hydroponic lettuce garnish. For all the hype that surrounds this type of meal, it was surprisingly simple to create. I started by chopping the ends off of all the drummettes, then scraped the meat back from the bone. I then soaked the Frenched chicken drummettes in Buttermilk, garlic powder and paprika for about 30 minutes. I then tossed the chicken in seasoned flour and fried in small batches. When the chicken was nicely crisped and golden, I tossed the drummettes in a beautiful bourbon sauce.

Sticky. Slightly sweet... This is one of those meals that was "just right". Homey, if you will. Something nice looking, but something that you could just tear into. (sigh) Why can't all my meals be this satisfying?


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