Tuesday, January 30, 2007

"World, the time has come to: DON'T HOLD BACK!"
- Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip

The new year is in full swing and things, obviously, haven't changed. So, as usual, it's up to me to make the world a better place through my borderline-prophetic presence.

I've thought about my impending Pastry career. I've thought about working out more. Hell, I've even thought about growing up a little and maybe try doing things the right way rather than my preferred method of SYSTEM D. I'm actually VERY fond of Le Systeme D, it's just one of those things cooks DO weather they call it by name or not.

One of my favorite moves when it comes to System D is cooking off chicken breasts in boiling water and then dropping them in a bucket of barbecue sauce. When it comes time for service, they are quickly marked on grill and pushed onto, eager, waiting plates.

I can hear it, I can feel it... That gasp of contempt from the culinary elite. Those people who SWEAR they never cut corners. These are, mostly likely, the same people who tried to convince their peers that they had a BF\GF in Canada when they were in grade school.

Nonetheless, I take pride in my work. My food is not just edible, it's what most people would consider good. And yes, just about every person I have ever cooked for has been subject to the infamous System D.

Ha ha suckers...

So as the Year moves on, so will I. Pastry, I have found, is not just a science. It is a meticulous endeavor that is utterly exacting. THAT, I would like to say, is not my forte. Which, ironically, is odd seeing as I am a very patient person. I guess I can just blame it on too much Techno and Rock 'n Roll.


Chemical Brothers & Q-Tip - Galvanize
Fingathing - Superhero Music
Oakenfold & Brittany Murphy - Faster Kill Pussycat
Public Enemy - Sophisticated Bitch
Sex Pistols - New York


Anonymous said...

Jay - you inspired me. Check out my livejournal blog to see how - you can get there through Kerrie's "Character Spinoffs". Thanks!

Matt said...

Hey Jay, sorry I missed you over xmas at Jeb's. Can't believe that dirty boy has to live in Indiana. What a douchelicker. Sounds like Cinci is treating you well for the most part.