Monday, February 12, 2007

Oh Mr. Bourdain... You have proven once again why you are my hero. And on Michael Ruhlman's blog nonetheless!

Anthony Bourdain: Guestblogger!


Anonymous said...

In concept, I totally agree with Mr. Bourdain.

But, in the spirit of seeing both sides (which, in my job I have been drugged into doing on a permanent basis), allow me to think like an FN exec for a second:

"More viewers...more money...where can we draw audience...the "desperate housewives" who watch tv all day and eat bon bons...what shows will they watch - they can't really cook...find someone who will show them how to open a can, and celebrate their mediocrity...evening programs?...people like a good fight, lets turn food into a carnival-game, with freaks fighting with faux-competitive spirit...yeah, that's it..."

Then we ask said FN executive, "What about those of us who actually care about the art of cooking, those who understand the inherent value of cooking, and cooking well, for those we love, exploring the universe of true culinary art?"

The FN exec responds, "Which demographic is bigger...bring me that casting couch...where's Sandra Lee when you need her?"

Just as in the rest of society, the word "mediocre" has begun to mean "accepted standard". And this, I often believe, is the reason my gut is in a permanent state of wretched unbelief as I watch the world around me. It's just good to know that others out there feel the same way.


BGslum said...

I find it funny and interesting that you used the word "mediocre". A week after Anthony Bourdain's little rant Michael Ruhlman himself stated in his blog: "Mediocrity is America’s main commodity—America is a mediocrity factory, and the food network is no different than any other business trafficking in cheap goods."

It's sad, but it's utterly true. It's like when we do carved prime rib for our lunch entree and have to cook the muhfuh to beyond well-done. Why? Because the junkies, single mothers, ex-cons and basic gaggle of degenerates we serve won't eat anything cooked under 190F. Ultimately, it's all about making money...

Still, I think what I liked about Bourdain's rant is that it feels like there is someone out there who is still willing to stand up to these goofy injusticies, no matter how much money they make for their evil corporate overlords.

PS - Watch Bourdain's show and buy his books.

That is all.