Monday, January 01, 2007

"Cooking hasn't been the same since you left..."
- Jeb, to me over the Christmas break

It was weird hearing that. I have never really thought of myself as a gourmet, nor have I ever really thought of myself as the most competent of cooks. Nonetheless, I've never been afraid of taking a blind stab at doing something just for the hell of it... And after Jeb said that to me, I realized how much I miss cooking for people.

And by people I mean friends and family, Not the myriad of fucktard customers who mistakenly believe they matter to me on a day-to-day basis. I miss those chilly winter nights where we would all crowd around Billy's dinning room table picking at a big bowl of Ragu Napoletano, or perhaps that one epic evening at St. Marks for that 7 Course Meal I did...

After all the traveling over the past 10 days I've found that cooking isn't the same anymore, but I've found that I still get the same rush when I prepare a meal for other people. Last week, in Olney, I made the fabled Puerco Pibil and my own special Margaritas. I had a ball doing even the most monotonous of tasks, and the food came along perfectly.

I think the big realization out of all of this is that I really need to stop working and start producing. I need to get away from the University and all the junkies, ex-convicts and single mothers, and go on my own way. Cheesecakes? A Coffeehouse? Both? It's going to take some thought and a lot of willpower, but it needs to happen.

For everybodys sake...

Goo Goo Dolls - Bitch
Dusty Springfield - So Much Love
Cry of Love - Bad Thing
Morcheeba - Blindfold

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Kerrie said...

"It's going to take some thought and a lot of willpower"

And money.
Don't forget money.