Monday, October 09, 2006

Black Betty had a child, the damn thing gone wild...

So, I had Columbus Day off. Even though no one else had the day off, and even though I'm pretty sure Columbus was a huge prick, I had myself a great day off.


1.) Wandered around in my pajamas till 9:00AM. Check

2.) Went tooling around in Jungle Jim's for almost two hours soaking up all the foodie goodness. Check.

3.) Told two different reps to sod off for calling me on my day off. Check.

[Caught a little hell from Pepsi today for telling their rep to sod off, but since my boss was gone I got to do it again. Sweeeet...]

4.) Grilled some baby lamb chops for lunch. Paired with a hunk of French bread, this was the best lunch I have made for myself all year. A little salt, a little pepper, and 2 minutes on each side over low heat for a nice med-rare. CHECK!

Ram Jam - Black Betty
Kiss - I was made for loving you baby
The Cramps - Get your kicks on Route 66
Harry Nilsson - Jump into the fire

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