Monday, August 29, 2005

She's as sweet as Tupelo Honey...

The last week was a little frustrating. Both of the PC's I keep under my constant care just up and died within 7 days of each other. My Duron was saved merely by replacing the power supply so I'm back to Good with the journaling...

That said, I pulled a Corner Grill this past week and ran out of crucial cooking elements for no reason other than bad planning. I was irked because I wanted to make an Au Poivre sauce for some pork chops we had but realized that we were out of Heavy Cream. I wanted to make some Coffee Ice Cream but realized I don't have enough eggs... And so forth.

Today there is a small crisis in Cinci because some Asshat parked a tanker full of Styrene on some train tracks and left it there... For 9 months. Yup. No one noticed it for 9 months. They noticed it when it started shooting gas 300 feet into the air. THEN they noticed it, but for the previous 9 months - no big deal.

So to honor the mass evacuation surrounding this chemical leak, I brewed some perfect Turkish Coffee, put together a plate of Hummus and pita, and watched the Unrated version of The Dawn of the Dead.

Tonight, I have NO idea what I'm doing for dinner but I do know what I'm doing afterwards: I'm going to chill on the patio with Kerrie and a few Camel Crema smokes, and I'm going to make Cafe de Olla for the both of us. I hope it's raining too, as the sound of the rain in the trees is amazing from where our patio is.

Cafe de Olla
6 T Coarse Ground Coffee
1/4 C Brown Sugar
4 Cinnamon Sticks
4 Cloves
1 Small Orange, thinly sliced.
4 C Boiling Water

Combine all ingredients in a Press Pot and allow to steep for 10 minutes.
Serves 4

Tupelo Honey - Van Morrison
Groovy Situation - Gene Chandler
Most of the Time - Bob Dylan
Into the Mystic - Van Morrison
I am the Cosmos - Big Star


Jeb Zepplin said...

damn spiders.

BGslum said...

Ya know, there were no Spiders and no action from They just went: CINCINNATI STYLE! Boo Ya Muh Fuh! :D