Sunday, June 24, 2007

Recently, Kerrie and I have both been tossing around the idea of video-blogging. I've been wanting to do a podcast for ages, but ultimately didn't think a food blog would work in an audio-only format.

With the recent purchase of a very nice digital camera, my M-Audio Quattro, and a copy of Vegas Video (Thanks Tom!) I think we're just about ready to take the next step forward.

With only a few minutes of tinkering with settings and exploring the options available with this program, I threw together a quick-n-dirty video consisting of a shload of pictures already featured in this blog set to Bring us Bullets by the now defunct rock band Rocket from the Crypt.

There you have it Folks. Me cook yummy good. Uh huh.

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Anonymous said...


And, I like the brass section in that song!

Good luck on your video blog venture!!!