Thursday, April 12, 2007

I've been feeling a bit, I dunno, retro lately.

I've been playing a lot of NES and SNES, and now with Troy pulling VBBS out of the mothballs, I've been taken back to a time when all I was worried about was... well... Nothing.

It was a time when I had the stamina to stay up till 2:00 or 3:00 in the morning and not miss a beat the next day. It was a time when I worked for the Big M. Yeah, delivering Pizzas may not have been the most glam job I ever held, but it definitely made me gobs of money. I remember, quite fondly, buying one of the first 14.4 modems that came out and always going to Charlie's or Ralphie's for obligatory late-lunch after School let out.

But, if one thing about my past is certain, I have a psychotic LOVE/HATE relationship with Pizzas. I have learned a lot of dirty little secrets about the franchise-pizza industry (From dumpster diving for receipts from competitors to making hundreds upon hundreds of pounds of pizza dough every day.) and, God help me, it's not all bad.

I have found, as I've gotten older, that I really do have an affection for a good Pizza. One with a fluffy crust, a slightly sweet sauce, various cheeses, and a fuck-load of pork piled on top. I have also found, as I've gotten older, that I shiver every time I walk into a pizzeria - knowing I did some shady shit for my former boss.

Nonetheless, I have moved on and found my own semi-corporate/semi-artisan formula for making pizzas. Check it:

I make a basic foccacia dough using Kerrie's bread maker, then I use Italian sausage, Cappicola, and Pepperoni for toppings. I like to finish it off with Provolone and a cheese mix of Mozzarella, Jack, and Parmesan.

Even now, 13 years later, I still love to make and eat a good pizza. There is something about a heavy pie and a nice bottle of red table wine that makes a night feel complete.


Anonymous said...

Wow - that looks awesome! Is there an exact measurement equivalent for "fuck-load"? I looked it up in the Betty Crocker Cookbook, and couldn't quite find it... :)

Now, any tips for a really good, thin, crispy crust? Greg likes those - though I prefer the thick ones that seem to live close to your heart!


BGslum said...

Upon inspection of my process, I would say that a "Fuck-Load" of pork would roughly equal about 1 pound. I use about 8 .oz of Italian Sausage (crumbled) and then 4 .oz of both Pepperoni and Cappicola (chopped).

As for a thin crust pizza, it's easy. Say you want to make a Medium sized Pizza, which would be around 10". Simply take the pizza dough that is the next size down and stretch it out. Small = Medium, Medium = Large, and so forth. That's what we used to do...

Anonymous said...
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