Monday, August 07, 2006

Livin' after midnight, Rockin' till the dawn...

Before I start, I feel like I already owe Jeb an apology.

You see, in the wanning days of the Cosmic Cluster Fuck, Jeb and I used to go to El Zarrape quite frequently for deep fried cheesecakes and Ciclon with Lime.

Yes, it was a ritual. There was, and IS, something hypnotic and intense about combining these two items together. Some people like smack, and others dig weed. I am ALL about the deep fried cheesecake.

As time went on, and I did the appropriate research, I found these little treats were not made "in house" but were a product of a company by the name of Sweet Street Desserts.

Moving forward, I've wanted of those little muhfuhs ever since Kerrie and I got to Cincinnati. Making them seemed impractical until last week when I stumbled blindly onto a recipe that broke it all down for me.

So I made 'em. And then I got a bottle of Ciclon. And some limes too... So, yeah. Sorry Jeb. I had to.

Deep Fried Love...
Deep Fried Love...

The Donnas - Livin' after Midnight
Lionrock - Fire up the Shoesaw
Musto & Bones - Dangerous on the dancefloor
Screamin' Cheeta Wheelies - Wrong Place, Right Time

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Jeb Zepplin said...

I see how it is...
Hey! You know what would make up for it?? How about them music tracks???

I would like to get the ball back rolling sometime this century! Sheesh. ;)