Saturday, October 29, 2005

Hey man, where'd ya get that lotion?

The past few weeks have made things a little tight. No more Mondays of starting a big pot of Demi Glace at noon and working on it for hours upon hours, or the classic Thursday where I put a chicken or a hunk of pork in the oven and roast it for 6 hours over a low heat.

No, those days are gone. I know I have Saturdays and Sundays to be in the kitchen, but there are other things to do. Like sleeping in, cleaning, grocery shopping, church, or just plain slacking off...

On the other hand, less time is NO excuse for me not to create some excellent meals. They just need to be less labor intensive. For example, one night a week now Kerrie and I do Salads for dinner. Last week we did Taco Salad (with my homemade Achiote seasoning) and the week before that I made Caesar Salads with toasted baguettes and homemade dressing. This week meessa thinks I'm going to make a salad of Grilled steak, tossed greens, apples and gorgonzola cheese.

Also, with the fall season upon us, I need to stock up the pantry with plenty of the usual provisions: Pasta, canned tomatoes, wheat flour, oats... The nice thing about fall is that comfort food is so much more enticing. Cooking and prep work seem less arduous and more fulfilling. Plus, a cup of steamy hot chocolate always tastes better when there is snow falling right in front of you.

I guess that's why, as a food baddie, I'm so torn about the seasons. I actually like the changing of the seasons, but I would NOT mind living on the west coast where it's "nice" pretty much all the time. (I'd love to be down in Ocean Beach at Your Mama's Mug right about now...)

This past week, Kerrie and I have had the pleasure of a roaring fire in the fire place almost every night. Last week we had Beignets and hot Cafe au Laits for breakfast on Saturday, and a nice Wine & Cheese plate on the Friday before. (Pears stuffed with Gorgonzola, Baked Brie, Sharp Cheddar, Provolone, and a bottle of CabSav)

I guess, and this is pretty obvious, there is food for every season. This week I'm looking forward to roasting squash then stuffing it into a crepe with fennel sausage, or maybe another round of that amazing Roasted Pork with Cider.

Tomorrow: Spinach and Spicy Sausage Lasagne. Mmm Mmm Good MuhFuh...

Lust for Life
No Fun
Some Weird Sin
Search and Destroy
I wanna be your Dog


Matt said...

Brother, I only got two more days until I hit Vegas. Whatcha got for me music wise. If you were hitting the road for Vegas, what songs would you have to have? Help a brother out.

BGslum said...

Alright, here we go: You said you had the standards like Sinatra and Elvis, but do you have any Dean Martin and Johnny Cash? Those are right at the top of the list... Get some Iggy Pop, or better yet, Iggy & the Stooges. Also, You really can't go wrong with The Misfits. (I suggest the whole album "Scary Monsters") The soundtracks to Swingers are both quality, as is the soundtrack to High Fidelity. One REALLY good album for driving is the Crystal Method's "Legion of Boom". Finally, two GREAT driving albums are DJ Spooky's "Under the Influence" and the Prodigy's "Dirt Chamber Sessions". (Especially the DCS - GREAT mixing)
Rock on mang, rock on...

Matt said...

Thanks dude. I do have some Dean, but no Cash yet, I'll get on that. I like the Misfits suggestion. I got Vegas by Crystal Method, but I'll check out the Legion one as well. Rock on, and you (and anyone else's number I have) might want to turn your phone off this weekend. I can't promise I won't make any 4am phone calls while I'm getting scolded by Anna at the roulette table at the beautiful Sahara. Strikes and gutters...wish me luck!

BGslum said...

You know, THAT really should be a new tradition. Everytime someone goes to Vegas, it is IMPERATIVE that drunken middle-o-the-night phone calls be made. I am not only looking forward to recieving my call, I practically demand it!