Monday, September 19, 2005

The Apocalypse is just a change in the weather...

Friday night, Kerrie and I went out for the evening.

One of my favorite, albeit trendy, places to go in Cinci is Ludlow Avenue. Ludlow Avenue is slimmed down Ann Arbor-esque neighborhood teeming with artists and beggars and old, rundown buildings that house some of the best eateries I've ever experienced. Case in point, Kerrie and I ate at this amazing Italian Bistro named Baigio's. Small, intimate dining where the aroma of garlic and heavy cream practically knock you over when you walk through the front door.

But really, when it comes right down to it, I like Ludlow for one reason: Sitwell's Coffee House.

Sitwell's is the "Cosmo's" of Cincinnati. It's a funky little place to visit, loosely decorated with different types of art, postcards, posters, curtains and any other piece of crap they can staple to the walls.

It's an amazing "thing" to experience. The coffee, the people, the vibe... Kerrie and I stopped in for dessert and settled into the back half of the joint where you are allowed to not only smoke, but you're allowed to smoke cloves and no one makes a fuss. We shared a bowl of Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream, and each ordered coffee. I had a cappuccino and she had Kioki Coffee. The drink Kerrie ordered, although I only got a sip of it, was psychotically good: Dark Roasted Coffee mixed with Congac, Creme de Cacao and Kahlua. To round things off, there are all types of people roaming around this place. Some annoying, some working quietly, some we weren't able to tell if they were man or woman. (It's Pat!) Plus, the music selection was good. They were playing some sort of techno with tempos around 120-130BPM. What amazed me was how this did not hurt the ambiance for one second. If I had ever played Oaky or the Beat Junkies or Deep Dish at Cosmo's, it would have cleared the 3 PAYING customers out in less than 5 minutes.

I really love this place, truth be told. I feel comfy there. The sad thing is it makes me long for my days at the big ole C-Fuck, and that's not all that great of a thing to be wanting back into. On the upside though, it's inspired me to work all the harder on my tell-all about Cosmo's - And believe me, I'm telling ALL. Confession is good for the soul, right GL?

Sitwell's Coffee House

More Human Than Human - The X-ecutioners
Apache - The Incredible Bongo Band
If you want blood - ACDC
Quit Dancing - Highgears
Jungle Love - Morris Day & The Time

"Edwards got that rash from McCann..."
- Jeb
"What? Cuz I don't say things that are funny enough?"
- Kerrie on not having QotD in FBF


Jeb Zepplin said...

You don't miss working at Cosmos. You just miss exploiting the place with me!

BGslum said...

I do miss Sunday Night dinners, free coffee, buying Jan Bell's artwork after his showing ended so I didn't have to give George the commision, "paying" for leaving the freezer open, nights out on the back patio, cigars (the ones that didn't make us puke anyways), and generally ruling that place with an beautiful mafioso ethic...