Sunday, December 21, 2008

A man has GOT to know his limitations...

As you all know, I don't carry a lot of "home town pride" with me. There are only a handful of place I've been that I hold in high esteem, and Perrysburg isn't one of 'em.

Toledo and Cincinnati don't do a lot for me either, but then again, neither of those places are Ann Arbor or San Diego.

But putting all of that aside, one of the cruel ironies of my life is my insane affection for Calphalon cookware. From the moment my mom handed over a good portion of her collection to me, I knew I was hooked. Hooked, on a company and product which not only originated in Toledo but was based in Perrysburg.

My kitchen is almost entirely made up of Calphalon cookware and knives, with only a few exceptions. I use them mercilessly, subjecting them to the most unholy and brutal tasks, yet they hold up like true champs.

So one night a while back, while AMC was running their Dirty Harry marathon, I came up with another ridiculous idea which ultimately only I find amusing.

If this makes little or no sense at all, try this. Also, if you're reading this through Facebook and the video doesn't show up, go Here...

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