Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Hit me again Ike! And this time put some STANK on it!

As the Commodore pointed out to me today, I haven't posted recently...

A lot has happened in the past three weeks, most specifically the ass-spanking the tri-state took last week. Lots of wind folks, lots of wind... The damage cause by the remnants of Hurricane Ike was interestingly devastating. Kerrie and I lost the contents of our freezer, but managed to save everything in the fridge with a shload of ice from work.

Kerrie and I witnessed a whole lot of asshattery from our neighbors and the community in general, but overall we came away with very few scars. Aside from being without power for 48 hours, it was an alright experience. In fact, the food was pretty damned good, come to think of it. We picked up a new propane tank and grilled Hamburgers and steaks. I feel a little guilty knowing our painintheass neighbors were cooking beans on a makeshift firepit while I was grilling sirloin steaks and drinking Malbec.

Plus, there were some good moments at work too, like the fat-friggen-plate of Calamari I fried up during the peak of hysteria in Cinncinasty.

Served up with a few lemon wedges and a little garlic mayo, I was in my own corner of Heaven for a few short minutes.

Back in the real world, the damage was pretty impressive. Even now, almost two weeks later, there are still big piles of tree limbs everywhere and gas prices are sky-high. Here, lookie...

All in all, it wasn't too bad looking back. It sucks being without power, but it also put me into a very simple state of mind. Plus, there is something very comfortable about playing Uno by candle light, drinking wine, and making Ike Turner jokes about the damage cause by what was left of Hurricane Ike.

Dammit Anna Mae! These are sustained winds dammit!

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