Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Of all the things I thought might happen Monday, being attacked by a Bat while walking through the halls at work was not one of them.

And by "bat" I do mean a flying rabid rat.

I had just gotten done taking a break between getting orders for next week sorted out and a fisting of a catering that had come up on short-notice, and as I was walking back to the main kitchen the bat just flew at me and hit me in the chest. At this point I'd like to tell you I was all man, taking care of the problem without flinching –and I can proudly say I didn't shriek or yelp- but it was probably more like Norm MacDonald getting hit with that pen on SNL. A flailing of the arms and a loud "what the fuck!?!" was about all I could muster. Ah, manly.

Our exec came out with a broom and in true-form smacked it around very comically until it was dead. So yeah, that was my Monday.

The End.


Kerrie said...
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Kerrie said...

I was GOING to post a link to the "bat" episode of the office on YouTube...but BLOGSPOT, in it's infinite wisdom, won't allow it!

Anonymous said...

It was the bat that smacked into your window that night when Claire and I were was seeking revenge....